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PRP for hair thinning

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is used for hair thinning, and in some instances, improves hair loss and, eventually, growth. The treatment utilizes naturally occurring growth and healing factors in the PRP that are present in your blood. Further, you can read more about PRP for hair thinning.

Process of PRP

When you visit River Medial for your PRP to treat hair loss we will collect an insignificant amount of your blood the same way that your doctor would take blood samples for an examination of blood. Then, we will put the blood sample into our top-of-the-line centrifuge to separate your platelet-rich plasma from your white blood cell.

Then, we use our micro-needling device to insert the needles in the plasma into your hair follicles, thereby encouraging healthy cell growth. Growth factors found in PRP have been found to stimulate new hair growth and increase the density and health of existing hair. The method we use of injecting the plasma instead of injecting it assures a more consistent and effective absorption into the drug.

For whom is PRP appropriate:

  • In the case of addressing losing hair with PRP, it provides the most effective results in cases of male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) and female pattern baldness.
  • Anyone who has experienced hair loss is a suitable candidate. However, the earlier the more effective. People who have experienced hair loss early as we have observed tend to react the best.
  • People who aren’t responding to lotions and pills.
  • Women who notice their hair becoming getting thinner after menopause.
  • Women who notice the loss of hair after childbirth or during pregnancy.

The number of sessions it will require?

The hair follicles that you have through various stages of their development will likely require various treatments to get the most effective outcomes.

Aftercare of PRP

Your scalp might appear and feel tender and red immediately after the treatment with PRP for hair loss. The mild side effect usually disappears within an hour. The majority of patients continue their normal lives following the appointment. The doctor will provide specific instructions for aftercare to get the best result.

You could begin to notice an improvement in the hair’s texture as well as the thickness of your hair shaft, and the growth of hairs that are growing in the treated area after approximately two weeks. Because of the nature of hair growth which is cyclical growth, it could take between three and six months to notice measurable improvements after PRP treatment. The results of each patient will differ.

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