What is Cool Sculpting and everything you need to know about it.

Cool Sculpting

What is Cool Sculpting?

Are you putting in the effort by following a healthy diet and exercising but finding it difficult to reduce the last bulge? Cool Sculpting excellent treatment can help you transform your body and eliminate unwanted fat off your flanks and stomach in the thighs, chin, back, and arms.

Cool Sculpting is the top body contouring Treatment that is non surgical, with over 11 million procedures completed across 74 nations. The non-invasive procedure allows Cool Sculpting to be a safe and faster alternative to liposuction. It offers treatments that don’t require anesthesia or surgery and little and no discomfort.

The Benefits of Cool Sculpting Treatment:

1. The world’s No.1 fat-freezing Treatment
More than 11 million treatments have been performed.

2. Freeze Fat
Cool Sculpting can eliminate stubborn fat by as much as 27%.

3. Helps shape the body
It helps to rid treated fat cells of their permanent presence and eliminates stubborn pockets of fat.

4. Non-invasive
Cool Sculpting treatment is non surgical with minimal or no downtime.


What is the process of Cool Sculpting?

Cool Sculpting employs cryolipolysis. The process was developed to selectively freeze and create crystals from fat cells beneath the skin to remove the cells permanently. When Treatment is completed, it is performed using a Cool Sculpting applicator placed on the area of concern. Most applicators employ suction to pull specific tissue to a special applicator cup.

Cool Sculpting..

A controlled cooling process then reduces the temperature of fat cells to the exact temperature at which they begin to become damaged and crystallized. Your body will then naturally process the cells before removing them completely. Once the applicators have been taken off, the technician will give you a massage of 2 minutes on the affected area to aid in breaking down those frozen fat cells. The results will be more apparent as your body begins to remove the undesirable cells.

How many Sessions will it Require?

Our Cool Sculpting treatments require at least 2 cycles completed within the day. Because the Treatment is tailored to your specific goals, more processes could be required to obtain optimal results. Tighly trained Cool Sculpting experts will explain how many cycles are needed to achieve your desired results.

What is the cost of the treatment?

The cost of the treatment will vary based on the goal you want to achieve. It will also consider the different parts of the body where you would want the treatment to be performed.

Where is the Cool Sculpting Treatment Offered?

We, at River Medical offer cool sculpting treatment. Call us at 01 662 9106 for appointment and consultation. You can also visit us at 5 Herbert Place Dublin D02 TF40.

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